Get a T-shirt!

Team Hodge’s T-shirt is available now!“There is a time when one must decide either to risk everything to fulfill one’s dreams or sit for the rest of one’s life in the backyard.” -Robert M. Manry

It’s a hell of a quote, and it’s been Team Hodge’s unofficial motto this year.

Robert Manry is best known as the nutcase who bought a 36 year old 13 foot boat for $250, fixed it up, and told his wife he needed to cross the Atlantic.

I can understand this. My wife thinks we’re both nuts.

Help us raise a little pocket money for provisions and to offset the expenses of entering this race. Or, get one because you like the shirt.

Either way, the shirt has custom artworrk by Ellen of the minnow with George the sock monkey at the helm, as he hopes to be when we enter Victoria harbor.

Hopefully before dark this time.

(For more on Robert Manry,

Go to to order! orders will be shipped on or around July 5th;